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Coworking Is Made By the People Who Work There

Coworking is on the rise. with 17,000 coworking space available worldwide and an annual growth rate of 16.1%. These collaborative,...
Squamish Event Space for Community Events

Squamish Event Space for Community Events

By Jean Spencer Aligned Collective’s mission is to support local economic growth through connected spaces where people, projects, and place...
Thank you Helena Lopes for the free public image from Pexels.

Looking for Cheap Office Space in Squamish? Cowork, Sublease or Bust!

By Jean Spencer Vancouver is the third most expensive city to rent office space in the US and Canada, behind...
What Is Co-Working?

What Is Co-Working?

By Jean Spencer You might have heard the term “co-working” floating around Squamish in the last couple of years, especially...