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Aligned Collective has a unique office layout that allowed us to reinvent our workspaces into individual private offices. These offices are bookable in scheduled time slots with limitations on the number of users per timeframe. We are controlling the flow of members to maintain safe physical distance and cleaning offices between member bookings.


At Aligned Collective, we take great pride in sharing our coworking space with inspiring business owners and career-driven individuals. The COVID pandemic immediately altered our ability to share space as a group but not as a dedicated workspace. Right now for those who can work, they need space to focus and work efficiently. To be productive & keep working.

moving forward

No one is certain how long we’ll need to maintain the precautionary measures implemented by mandatory physical distancing. What we do know is for those who can still work, they need quiet dedicated space. Aligned Collective is an option away from the kitchen table & busy household. A solution for a dedicated, uninterrupted and safe workspace.


your safe community away from distractions

Highlights Work from Home Challenges Highlights

• Quiet & Uninterrupted Workspace

• AM, PM and Evening bookings

• Complimentary Printing

• Audio Visual Equipment

• High-Speed WIFI

• Free Coffee

• Dog Friendly

Work from Home Challenges

The shape of our daily lives has changed HUGE as a result of the COVID pandemic and many are not accustomed to working remotely every single day.

For some professionals, working from home is just not sustainable over a long timeframe.  Shortage of bandwidth, family life, workspace limitation all begin to derail efficiency and productivity.

Maintaining schedules and routines for team members is essential. As is finding quiet and visually appropriate space for video calls.

Aligned Collective Offices are a solution that helps maintain the sensitivity of physical distancing while allowing those who need committed workspace the time and space to do so. Click Membership to cruise to your new space!

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Our system is fully automated for members to manage their accounts, access the office and book space remotely.  The process is easy online or in the app.

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Great views. Clean and physically distanced format. Your own private office!

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